Wiring harnesses, electronic circuitry & vehicle dynamics amongst latest members’ specialities

Silverstone Technology Cluster

19th November 2020

As the STC membership breaks the 120 barrier, we take a glance at three of the latest advanced engineering businesses to register with the network – Pro-Spec Wiring Solutions, DTronix and Wavey Dynamics.

Pro-Spec, in Northampton, designs and manufactures high-end (Mil-spec) wiring harnesses for motorsport and amongst its customers are two F1 teams.

Its harnesses connect chiefly to complex steering wheels or switch panels that send commands to different aeras of today’s highly technical race and rally cars.

The business was formed in 2019 by three ex-Jaguar Land Rover electrical engineers and it now employs six staff – all with wiring and electrical engineering skills in motorsport or linked to high volume production in automotive.

One of its founders, Daniel Moore, was previously an electrical systems engineer for the McLaren F1 team – working on Lewis Hamilton’s car when he won his first world drivers’ title.

Daniel explained: “A lot of what we do is handcrafted and very intricate – there can be over 100 wires in a harness, each needing to be protected from one another but remaining accessible for a team’s technicians in case of accident damage. A real work of art!”

Pro-Spec has begun to branch out into automotive and other areas of R&D, including with an entertainment industry company.

“We’ve joined the STC to try and promote our services and reach out to other businesses who can use our area of expertise,” said Daniel.

“We believe we can gain knowledge from the businesses involved as there are a lot of like-minded people. It’s always good to have guidance on growing a business and the STC’s ambassadors and champions really know their stuff. Plus we are open to collaborations which is something else the STC promotes.”

DTRONIX, in Milton Keynes, specialises in servicing and repairing infotainment, multimedia, audio and audio-visual/communications products – chiefly for Tier 1 suppliers to some of the biggest names in both luxury and mass production vehicles, from Rolls Royce and Aston Martin to Jaguar Land Rover and Honda.

Owned by husband and wife Dinker and Monica Dass, its engineers handle minute components in electronic circuitry. Pioneer and Alps Alpine have approved DTRONIX as their accredited service centre. The business is also an approved re-manufacturing site for Jaguar Land Rover.

Vast numbers of products can arrive for DTRONIX to fix or re-manufacture for OEMs in instances such as a ‘recall’ or ‘service exchange programs’.

Monica said: “Hopefully the STC can open up opportunities for us to diversify into non-automotive sectors where customers can benefit from our electronic engineering skills and equipment.

“This could be in niche prototyping where people need assistance with electronic circuitry.

“We have environmental testing facilities and, since ‘lockdown’, we have begun work with other electronics-based componentry, some very far removed from automotive such as infra-red security sensors that are used in airports, military bases or shopping malls.

“We want to demonstrate our versatility and believe the STC gives us the opportunity to do that.”

Meanwhile, start-up company Wavey Dynamics provides automotive and motorsport engineering consultancy, specialising in vehicle dynamics and aerodynamics.

Its founder is Jahee Campbell-Brennan who, due to COVID restrictions, is home-based for the moment.

Having left university seven years ago with a Master’s degree in automotive engineering, Jahee then gained experience working for a supply chain company to OEMs prior to setting up his own venture.

Jahee commented: “I’m at the beginning of my journey so the STC can potentially open up opportunities and lead to collaborations. That fits with my way of thinking as I’m a fan of having smaller companies connected and working together – I believe there’s more benefit to having niche companies working together for a common goal.”

Jahee admitted that attracting new clients, particularly during COVID, is “a hard road to travel”.

“They can have an established network of connections who are already ‘on the inside’,” he continued. “I’m starting from the outside and I’m following somewhat of an unconventional path. I sense that I’m somewhat of an unknown quantity at the moment – I see that as an advantage as I can approach things differently and think a little alternatively.”

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