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To accelerate development across the board for its members and promote effective peer-to-peer discussion on the latest and greatest ideas, the STC created Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

Grouping discussions around specific topics (rather than restricting them within industries or sectors) is proving vastly successful in terms of finding new applications for existing technologies, as well as business strategies and behaviours. For new and emerging technologies, this method of opening discussions up and down the supply chain vastly widens the scope for potential opportunities right from the outset.

Each of our SIGs is led by a group of Champions all of whom come from within the STC membership and have experience and insight into the topic at hand. Throughout our regular schedule of events we explore a vast variety of perspectives and thought leadership that is industry agnostic – giving real freedom to move forward in genuinely new directions.

You can find out more about the different Special Interest Groups (SIGs) below.

Interested in becoming a Champion and joining one of our groups? Please contact Nina Walsh to find out more.