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STC introductions help DaniHar accelerate its business growth


Andy Long says his business, DaniHar Technology, would not have attracted larger projects so naturally without the networking power of the STC.

DaniHar is an electronics and software design house for companies innovating or developing new products or needing help with projects.

“The STC was the springboard for DaniHar and helped move it forward to where it is now,” says Andy. “Since the STC creation six years ago, the organisation helped us to evolve immensely in that time – for example, I would never have thought of working on a project with Jaguar Land Rover…”

He explains: “At the time, my business was going through a lean period but then, at an STC event, I met Sally Povolotsky (then ACES SIG committee member). She put me in touch with a company that was doing work for JLR and, from that meeting, things progressed, and DaniHar joined a large collaborative project for JLR.

“At the same time, Sally’s Straight 6 Design business was able to help us with our marketing side of things – to get the branding right for DaniHar.

Whenever I need expertise in my business, the first thing I do is look up the STC members’ directory. I feel it’s better to work with companies in the STC community as they are all like-minded in wanting to collaborate together.

Andy Long, DaniHar Technology

That directory has led to another collaboration for DaniHar – with fellow member Engineering Entropy.

Andy continues: “It’s two projects, actually; one is a medical device for an off-shore client, and the other is a new, more industrial application for a large national end-user. This project uses a mixture of our cross-industry expertise and the mechanical engineering know-how of Entropy.”

“We love being part of the STC as it is just such a good way to connect with like minded companies and create new opportunities for your business.”

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