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Loxham Precision


Loxham Precision is a UK owned ultra precision engineering company
having spun out of Cranfield University in 2011.

Loxham Precision produces “new era” ultra precision CNC machine
tools and motion systems. It also offers specialist ultra precision
machining services.

Loxham Precision is an ISO9001:2015 certified company that is
designing, manufacturing and supplying machine tools, motion systems
and manufacturing services to the following sectors:
Quantum, Space, Defence, Motorsports, Instruments and Medical

Our 5 Axis CNC machine products are easy to install and operate whilst
also have low energy demands and low environmental footprint.
Loxham machines are highly suitable for precision machining of complex
additive manufactured substrates and high technology light-weighted

Components fabricated using Loxham machines include: IR optics,
space mirrors, and components.

As part of its core manufacturing capability the company produces its
own film-film bearings for slideways and spindles. It does this in
partnership with a number of local manufacturing companies. Our fluid
film bearing motion systems, slideways and rotary motions are almost
friction free and provide sub micrometre levels of position control.
Loxham Precision provides specialist ultra precision machining services.
These include diamond turning, large area diamond fly cutting and
micro-feature fabrication using electrochemical machining. Loxham’s
machining services can provide sub-micrometer size and form accuracy
together with nanometre (optical quality) levels of surface roughness.
Quality assurance is provided through high performance metrology
equipment including: Co-ordinate measuring machines (CMM), laser
interferometers, confocal contrast interferometers and capacitance non
contacting systems.

As part of our pedigree, Loxham Precision staff made more of the
mirrors of the NASA James Webb Space telescope than anyone else.
The companies staff also produced the World’s most accurate
thermometer for the UK’s National Physical Laboratory.
Loxham Board comprises three Fellows of the Royal Academy of
Engineering, and Past Presidents of the IMECHE, CIRP and euspen.


Main Contact: Mike Cottee

Address: CUPE Building
90 Central Avenue
College Road
MK43 0AL


Tel: 07508 262737