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2nd September 2021

Claytex’s industry leading software solutions are revolutionising vehicle durability testing.

For manufacturers, it is essential to ensure their vehicles are safe and reliable when they get to market – but this comes at a cost, in terms of time, finance and pollution.

Traditional durability tests take months to conduct, cover thousands of miles, pump hundreds of tonnes of CO2 in to the atmosphere, and cost millions of pounds to complete.
And vehicles can only be tested once they’ve been developed and built. If a problem is found it can be very expensive to retroactively fix it.

Claytex has an innovative solution to this problem.

Our decades of experience in Formula 1, NASCAR and Indy car, have provided the tools and experience to create cutting edge vehicle simulations.

Our flexible technology uses millimetre accurate scans of roads, combined with an extensive library of built and tested components, to provide a software solution that allows our customers to create any road vehicle that handle, accelerate and ride as they would in real life.

Simulations can be as simple or as complex as required, so can be run right at the start of development with a little data or run at the end with all the data from the final design.

With flexible simulations it is effortless to switch between optimising components, back-to-back testing and providing road load data for a full durability study.

Wasteful physical testing that used to take months to complete can now be run in hours from your computer. And with minimal maintenance studies can be run instantly for any vehicle in the future.

This saves your time, your money, and your planet.

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