Succession Strategies


20th August 2020

In our latest Succession Strategy blog series, Corporate Principal Paul Bevington, has been looking at some of the things that you should be thinking about as you plan for the future of your business. 

People who run their own business tend to treat it as much more than a vehicle for generating personal wealth and success. They care about the people who work in it, as well as the personality, culture and brand they have worked so hard to establish. They also care about what might happen to it after they are no longer at the helm. Aside from family, “my business” is often the most important thing in their life.

For these reasons and others, exit planning involves a bespoke set of emotional and practical issues for the owner manager.

Find out more in Part 1, here: 

In Part 2, Paul looks at planning for the future of your business and shares insight on how you motivate your “heir apparent” and how you get ready for a sale. Find out more, here:

Part 3 looks at selling & legacy issues… As the culture and identity of a business is often embedded in the people who work in it, selling internally may be the answer. Two examples of how this might be achieved are the VIMBO and the Employee Ownership Trust. Find out more, here:

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