New business leads for members through STC’s presence at Advanced Engineering Show

Silverstone Technology Cluster

17th November 2021

Silverstone Technology Cluster members have raved about how the STC’s increased presence at 2021’s Advanced Engineering Show (AES) enabled them to network and generate potential new business leads.

For the fourth time in a row, the STC and founding member Silverstone Park together hosted the VIP lounge – a hive of activity at AES which, held at NEC Birmingham, is the UK’s largest gathering of engineering industry professionals.

In addition, the STC offered an expanded Innovation Zone which enabled ten member businesses to showcase their technologies and specialisms: Beckhoff Automation, Digital Manufacturing Centre (DMC), Partner Electronics, Tecadec, Total Control Pro, Silverstone Composites, Symetri, Anicca Digital, Voxeljet, Hexagon.

Four of those businesses were able to further raise their profiles by taking up guest speaker slots during the Automotive Engineering (DMC) and Connected Manufacturing (Tecadec, Total Control Pro and Symetri) forums.

Partner Electronics’ Richard Rydon said: “This year was our first presence at Advanced Engineering Show and it has been successful in building our network and generating new business leads.

“The position and the vibe of the STC Innovation Zone made the event more effective and enjoyable, and we’re looking forward to next year.”

James Baldwin, Marketing Manager, Tecadec, added: “We were thrilled by the buzz that Tecadec got.

“For example, representatives from the STC were telling passers-by that Tecadec was ‘one of the most interesting products at the event’ and we even had one couple approach and say ‘Oh, this is it! We’ve been looking for exactly this product!’

“We generated around three times as many leads as our previous event. Very happy!”

Total Control Pro’s Co-Founder and Strategic Director Dolores Sanders commented: “AES ‘21 was a fabulous event; we loved presenting our platform and being part of the STC Cluster.

“There were direct benefits, including re-connecting with a partner which was on the same stage.

“Demonstrations of the platform was the perfect way to show our passion for productivity through digitalising manufacturing operations.”

Symetri’s Industrial Design & Visualisation Manager Nick John similarly enthused: “Although we have all collectively adapted to the remote work, it’s been great to get back to in-person events with the STC (October’s Conference plus AES ’21).

“Being invited on stage to discuss how the Symetri ID&V division interprets and manages disruption was a great springboard for meaningful conversations on shared challenges with other exhibitors and attendees.

“Our choice to showcase some Varjo XR solutions was also an eye-opener for attendees – further contributing to our efforts to raise awareness on the best visualisation real-time and XR has to offer for engineers, designers and organisations in general in the current climate. A great event all-round for Symetri.”




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