Design, Simulation & Metrology

This Special Interest Group has been set up to bring together experts across the fields of digital engineering, simulation and metrology, including measuring and scanning specialists.

The group’s main objective is to bring together like-minded experts to inspire, inform and evaluate the latest developments, capabilities and processes. It aims to accelerate technological development across these inter-related areas through effective peer-to-peer discussion, increased awareness, collaboration and the sharing of best practice.

This group aims to:

  • Keep members up to date with leading edge developments
  • Explore collaborative projects
  • Explain technological capabilities
  • Signpost to further contacts, collaboration projects and information
  • Support software evaluation
  • Enable peer-to-peer networking

The following Champions are working together to lead and develop the group:

Catch up on News and links to all the Presentations from our regular DSM SIG Events:

Sep 2019 – ‘First DSM SIG Event Sparks Great Debate’

Dec 2019 – ‘Future Thinking with Robotics, VR and Blockchain at DSM SIG Event’

If you would like to find out how to become more involved in this SIG group, please get in touch with Pim van Baarsen.

We bring people together through regular Special Interest Group Events – all upcoming events are outlined on our Events page. You can also enjoy reading about News and review the group’s activity at past events here.


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