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Wattif EV is a Norwegian company founded in 2021 in the town of Høyanger, Norway. Wattif EV is an end-to-end provider of EV destination charging solutions, and a key enabler in the global shift to EV mobility.

From businesses to local authorities and landowners, Wattif EV has an EV charging solution to suit all needs.

At end of the day, we believe that EV charging should be a hassle-free and seamless experience. Destination charging for everybody.

Destination charging advantages:

·       Low investment cost for each charging point

·       Flexible load on each charging point makes it possible to charge many cars at the same time without overloading the grid.

·       Smart charging is very well adapted to long term parking and car battery life.

By using smart technology, Wattif can optimise the usage of the power grid, making destination charging the best option – both for its customers and the environment.

Wattif EV aims to turn existing or potential parking spaces into revenue-generating charging points, with little or no effort or risk. By building profitable and sustainable partnerships, we are one step closer on our quest to net zero for future generations.

Charge where you park, instead of parking to charge.



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