9th February 2023
Business Agility and Transformation: Sustainability, CSR and ESG

Silverstone Technology Cluster

Join us at our first Business Agility and Transformation Group event on the 9th of February at Silverstone Technology Park, supported by Hexagon.

In this bid to shed some light on the impacts of environmental sustainability, cultural change and people management on today’s business landscape, we look forward to hearing from some experienced and eloquent speakers:

  • Sara Penrose (Co-Founder and Director of Sara Penrose Ltd)

Sara is a Chartered Chemical Engineer with over 20 years’ cross-sector experience focusing on project and plant management, plant optimisation and risk assessment in areas as diverse as food, resin, chemical and nuclear.

From designing and commissioning new manufacturing facilities to running them, and working closely with multi-disciplinary teams at all levels to raise performance and grow professional development, Sara has always valued the fusion of creativity and process.

Each step on her journey has strengthened her belief that techniques in critical and lateral thinking, problem solving and clear communication can maximise productivity, efficiency, safety and quality when the potential of people is maximised through development training.

  • Richard Collins (CEO, CSR Accreditation)

A keynote speaker and presenter who inspires, motivates, and educates his audiences through his energy, positivity and most of all, his determination that we can build a better world for future generations.

As an experienced brand strategist, Richard has pursued a passion for helping companies in the public, private and third sector to promote their brand reputation and CSR activity.

CSR-Accreditation provides a global Social Responsibility Accreditation Scheme and since its inception in 2018, has developed CSR Training and Workshops, Social Impact Reporting and a CSR programme for primary and secondary schools. CSR Accreditation now operates on an international stage with partners and offices being established throughout the globe.

  • John Henderson (Director, Sara Penrose Ltd)

John has spent over 25 years working closely with customers in industry to identify their needs and create made-to-measure solutions. He’s then gone on to lead, train and motivate teams to deliver on these customer expectations.

Working in third party logistics, electronics, healthcare devices and behavioural change as Manager, Director and Consultant, John’s vast array of first-hand experience has helped hone the content and style of the optimisation training and behavioural change programmes he presents.

John believes the development of people is a direct route to raising business performance and embedding positive change.

  • Aaron McKenzie (Chief People Officer, Haines Watts)

When a day of reckoning looms for any organisation, it will be its company culture in the dock.

Aaron’s great passion is to steer organisations away from this possibility towards a path where a company culture can thrive. This means that you need to find a way to max out colleague happiness and engagement in the workplace and that’s when the hard work begins.

Aaron has had first-hand experience in steering culture at C-Suite within financial services, the commercial property sector and now the professional services sector. It’s like spinning plates – just as one element of culture is perfected another needs fixing. One critical spinning plate is the Values plate, which incorporates a company’s commitment to CSR.

As enjoyable as the above job is, Aaron does revel in his downtime. He loves the monotony of lifting weights in the gym and spending time at his wee cottage in the Cairngorm Mountains with his husband and rescue dog, Molly.

  • Emma Armstrong (Group Commercial & Sustainable Electronics Director of In2tech)

Emma is focused on developing In2tec’s sustainability strategy, including leading the In2tec team in championing our sustainability focus and drive.

Joining In2tec in 2009, Emma was motivated to do so by the ReUSE technology and vision to inspire change in the paradigms of electronic solutions for the Circular Economy, and positive contribution to global net zero. In2tec’s technology mission – a solution suite of materials, models, and process technology to deliver electronic printed circuit board assemblies that have the highest recycling opportunities in the industry: ReUSE®. Combining this closed-loop design to recycling and the reuse ecosystem: ReCYCLE Protect the World for Future Generations by Inspiring Sustainable Electronics.

Emma helps In2tec customers use the latest technology to achieve a competitive advantage, with responsibility for the sales, customer service and marketing teams, ensuring everyone at In2tec exceeds customer expectations and keeps innovation at the heart of their endeavours.

We’ll get their insights on how all our businesses are being affected and hear their advice on how to make the most of current trends.

Timings:  9.00am – 12.00 noon

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