Membership at new high entering new year

Silverstone Technology Cluster

17th February 2022

The Silverstone Technology Cluster’s membership is at another all-time high with 150 businesses, industry organisations and individuals having joined the network by the start of 2022.

STC CEO Pim van Baarsen said: “It doesn’t seem so long ago since we reached 100 members and now we are at the 150 mark – it’s great momentum for the STC to be carrying into the new year.

“Again, we can see there has been a very good retention rate, but feedback also suggests that word of mouth is leading to new registrations.

“More people are hearing about the work we put into providing support for members in advanced engineering, manufacturing, electronics and software development and they want to be a part of that.”

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Latest figures showed that Engineering Services (21%) was the best represented tech category amongst the membership, ahead of Manufacturing on 19%. See breakdown below:

Engineering Services                       21%

Manufacturing                                  19%

CAD, Simulation & Modelling        12%

Software Development                     9%

Academic & Research                      7%

Other*                                                 6%

Automation, IIoT, I4.0                      5%

Electronics                                          5%

IT, Cyber & Data Management       5%

Additive Manufacturing                  4%

AI & Cloud Computing                    3%

Composites                                        2%

Systems Engineering                       2%


*Bespoke technical solutions or consultancy

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