Investment wave in the Fintech sector


5th May 2022

Fintech companies take advantage of emerging technologies to make financial services more accessible, cheaper and efficient.

Investment in the UK Fintech sector tripled in the last year to an estimated $11.6 billion, attracting the second largest amount of investment globally.

The UK’s regulatory approach has been particularly engaged in efforts to keep London’s competitive edge against the rest of the world. Historically, the British have been the ‘first movers’ in financial innovation, with the UK being the first to issue bank notes, launch a stock exchange and even install an ATM.

Fintech has been no exception. The Financial Conduct Authority’s (“FCA”) launch of the first ‘regulatory sandbox’ for financial services start-ups in 2015 helped pave the way for unicorns such as Monzo and Revolut to emerge. The success was so significant it has been replicated by nearly 50 other jurisdictions around the world.

The variety of services, cost reductions and accessibility of Fintech services are clearly winning the hearts and minds of venture capital investors. It’s likely that the UK market, which is reaping the rewards from early investment, is set to outperform its European rivals and take more market share in the coming years.

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Find out more in our latest update from Senior Associate, Sean Halliwell, on the Fintech sector: 

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