ELECTRIFICATION – An automotive revolution is taking place

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2nd September 2021

An automotive revolution is taking place, and as OEMs, you cannot afford to be frozen out of the future.

Every automotive manufacturer is now locked in a race against time to develop and deliver the next generation of clean, green vehicles to the market.

Automotive OEMs need to rapidly pivot their technological traditions. With competing hybrid, electric and hydrogen technologies fighting for dominance, where OEMs will pivot to is unclear.

Claytex’s advanced simulation software is the solution to keeping ahead of your rivals.

For over 20 years our virtual testing technology has enabled Formula 1 motorsport engineers to incorporate hybrid engines into the world’s most extreme sporting environment.

Time is critical in motorsport. Manufacturers rely on virtual testing and simulation to make the correct technical decisions quickly and efficiently.

VeSyMA, a suite of physics-based simulation models from Claytex, brings the tools used by F1, Indycar and Nascar, to you.

Evaluate and quantify the viability of modern technologies quickly. Libraries of vehicle models with replaceable components enable you to drop in or swap out as few, or as many, components as needed.

Configure the simulation to your specific needs swiftly. Spend your time on engineering tasks, instead of continually adapting and reconfiguring simulation models.

You can simulate any aspect of a vehicle as a combined system, capturing a level of detail only rivalled by physical prototype testing. With infinitely repeatable conditions, competing technologies can be efficiently compared directly to one another.

Engineers are empowered to explore and plot the technological path forwards in the virtual world before committing precious design and production resources.

Deliver the best for your customers, and the planet.

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