‘DIRFT – A golden location – An overview of the UK most successful intermodal logistics park’ – Free in-person event to understand more about logistics

Sara Penrose

21st April 2022

The past 2 years has shown a light on how important logisitcs is for the global industry to thrive. No longer is it sensible to have limited visibilty over where inventory is in the supply chain. In addition the march towards net zero is driving a more multi modal approach to managing global supply chains. 

As a result The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) in conjunction with Prologis is holding a free to attend live event at the Prologis Hub at Daventry International Railfreight Terminal (DIRFT). 

‘DIRFT – A golden location – An overview of the UK most successful intermodal logistics park’ 

DIRFT is arguably the UK’s best known intermodal facility, and with so much focus on the strategic and wider links it is easy to forget this is a place of business, so the Northamptonshire Group of CILT was keen to delve a little more into some of the detail of how customers are managed, operations are carried out and what the future holds for the sector.

‘Supply chain’s are an opportunity for a business to add values, but to achieve this knowledge and understanding must be the first priority’ Says John Henderson chair of the CILT Northamptonshire group and Director of STC member Sara Penrose Ltd. ‘This is an excellent opportunity to find out more and broaden networks.’ 

The event is on Wednesday 11th May from 0930 to 1345. 

Full details https://ciltuk.org.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/4711 

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