Cyber Health Check


6th January 2021

Get into shape for 2021 with a Cyber Health Check.

As we start a new year there’s always much talk of healthy resolutions, fitness regimes and getting back into shape. This year in particular, we all hope there are much healthier times on the horizon.

But set aside diets and personal trainers – what about a health check for your business?

We’re all aware of ever-increasing cyber risks to organisations of all sizes, particularly in our new world of increased remote working. The best new year’s resolution you could take for your business is to get a full cyber risk analysis, to diagnose exactly where your weaknesses are and how you can mitigate against them.

As award-winning cyber security experts, our consultants at Hexegic can conduct a comprehensive Cyber Health Check, assessing the strengths and weaknesses not just in your IT infrastructure but across all the people, processes and technology that make up your organisation.

Our health check involves a full cyber risk assessment using our patented VueRisk® tool, painting an easy-to-digest picture of your entire organisation’s cyber health, readily presented to your stakeholders and clearly flagging up the areas needing attention. We review your system and device configurations and recommend your best product options for everything from firewalls to network protocols. We also run a vulnerability assessment, scanning your networks for any flaws or gaps.

A Cyber Health Check will set you on the path to getting Cyber Essentials (and/or Plus) for your company, which will confer business advantage going forward; it is fast becoming an essential requirement for any business with online operations.  

Armed with this knowledge, and a plan of action to follow, we’ll get you in peak condition to face the cyber threats 2021 could throw at you.

Why take a Cyber Health Check?

–          Clarity: Rather than guessing at how well you’d withstand a cyber-attack, we’ll give you a clear diagnosis and specific steps to take for improvement.

–          Direction: Get a concrete idea of where to start and what to prioritise, rather than feeling overwhelmed by unquantifiable risk.

–          Compliance: Demonstrate that you are taking active steps to comply with standards or accreditations such as the UK Governments Cyber Essentials scheme.

–          Advice: Get genuine vendor-agnostic advice on the best products or solutions for your configurations (we are not affiliated with any brand).

–          Confidence: Launch into the new year feeling confident that you have put defences in place and have an actionable plan should the worst occur.

–          Trust: Demonstrate your cyber awareness and compliance to build greater client trust and win more business.

The Hexegic Cyber Health Check is exclusively available at the moment for a fee of £495 – normally £995 (ex VAT) – get in touch today to find out more or discuss your requirements.

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