Champions confirmed for new Business Agility & Transformation Group

Silverstone Technology Cluster

28th November 2022


The Silverstone Technology Cluster has announced the formation of a new Business Agility & Transformation Group to help member businesses adjust to the demands of a changing corporate world.

The Group – announced during the STC’s Annual Conference – will focus on areas such as managing change and growth, sustainability, business management, company culture, equality and diversity.

Group champions will be:

·       Mike Jones (LBI Consulting)

·       Sara Penrose (Sara Penrose Optimisation Training)

·       Dr Cristiana Pace (Enovation Consulting Ltd)

·       Richard Collins (CSR Accreditation)

STC CEO Pim van Baarsen told the Conference’s audience that meeting recognised corporate and social criteria was important as larger organisations require this to bid for contracts with them.

Meanwhile Richard Collins highlighted the importance of good culture within a company “so that people feel valued, autonomous and supported. Statistics show that 65% of millennials prefer a good culture over the pay packet,” he said.

And added Sara Penrose: “The Business Agility & Transformation Group will provide insight and guidance for STC businesses into how their people can actually achieve change, agility and sustainability. From my personal perspective, skills and realising capabilities are fundamental for success.”

Pim commented: “It’s fair to say that the last few years have brought quite a few challenges for businesses; Brexit, the pandemic, climate crisis, supply chain disruptions and the energy crisis all come to mind.

“But we are also faced with new generations of workers coming in who bring a new outlook and attitudes. Managing a business in such an ever-changing environment is no easy feat.

“Back in March, we ran an event with our Digital & Advanced Manufacturing Special Interest Group that focused on business management and company culture.

“This event was very well received and there was a clear appetite for more. Add to this the many conversations I have had with members, asking for support and information on things from sustainability strategies to putting in place the social policies that are now a fundamental part of winning contracts.

“It seemed clear that there was a role to play for the STC in this area, and I am therefore delighted to announce the formation of our new Business Agility & Transformation group.

“This group will be looking to inform, inspire and support businesses on all those elements that companies need to engage in to survive and thrive in today’s and tomorrow’s environment.”


By Carl McKellar

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