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8th April 2022

Been There, Done That – Entrepreneurs’ Stories – April 27th

Everyone started somewhere and will have a story to tell with highs and lows and hopefully a ‘happy ever after’! In our ‘Been There, Done That’ series, experienced entrepreneurs share their journeys with us to inspire you to start or continue your own journey.

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Opportunity Knocks for SMEs in the Aerospace, Defence and Security markets – April 28th

Recently published Government strategies for Defence, Maritime, Space, Security etc. have highlighted the importance of investment, sustainment and growth of these sectors. More importantly, these strategies recognize the capabilities, capacity and creativity available in and from ‘Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME).’ Government is becoming more proactive and forward leaning in developing access to SME’s and removing barriers from ‘Doing Business with Government’.

The virtual Workshop has been arranged to give an overview of the changes already announced and the opportunities for SME’s that will come in the next phases of implementation.

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Smart talent sourcing with the support of Cranfield Careers – June 21st

The Employer Engagement team provide a bespoke talent management service designed to support your hiring strategies. Join this virtual event to discuss the opportunity to engage with Cranfield University students and alumni across all schools:

· School of Management

· School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing

· School of Water, Environment and Energy

· Cranfield Defense and Security

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