Alternative Fuels: The Way Forward in Road Freight and Passenger Transport

Sara Penrose

25th May 2022

Zero emission technology is rapidly advancing as the UK looks to decarbonise. There are various options available and each one can be applied to different scenarios. Each bus, coach and freight operator will have different circumstances, with local and longer distance routes, and a range of depot sites and infrastructure to support their operations.

Key speakers from the electric, hydrogen and fuel cell industries will give us a detailed insight into how each technology is developing and how it can be deployed effectively and efficiently in both the road freight and bus and coach industries over the coming months and years.

Webinar speakers

Dennis Hayter, Head, External Affairs – Intelligent Energy
Randal Smith, Managing Director – Veny EV
William Rowe, CEO – Octopus Energy


28 September 2022, 18:00 – 20:00


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