ACES renamed Future Mobility

Silverstone Technology Cluster

8th March 2021

The Silverstone Technology Cluster’s Autonomous, Connected, Electrified & Shared (ACES) special interest group (SIG) has been renamed Future Mobility.

One of the group’s ‘champions’, RML Group’s Simon Holloway explained: “We needed to evolve the name so the SIG can be more all-encompassing.

“The subjects being covered are far wider reaching than just ‘ACES’, as a lot of them also affect infrastructure.”

Future mobility covers how transport and its developing technologies are coming together to define how people will travel in the years ahead.

Simon added: “This is not just specific to automotive – from a business point of view, we are seeing cross-sectorial commonalities coming into play.

“For example, we are seeing marine and aerospace looking at electrification, and there is also now an over-riding interest in hydrogen.

“Also think other areas such as rail and it’s clear why ACES needed to become Future Mobility.”

The STC’s Future Mobility SIG is headed by Simon, Tomorrow’s Journey’s Chris Kirby, Gateway Digital’s Sunny Chauhan and Electric Vehicles Outlook’s Roger Atkins.

Its most recent event, in partnership with fellow STC Digital & Advanced Manufacturing SIG, was entitled ‘State of Play: Batteries’.

Simon was one of those to present to the audience, along with fellow expert speakers, Manchester University’s Emma Kendrick, UK Battery Industrialisation Centre’s (UKBIC) Andrew Britton, RSBruce’s Sam Haig and AMTE Powers Fergal Harrington Beatty.

CLICK HERE for a recap of the event and the topics discussed.

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