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If you’re responsible for developing and retaining leaders in your STEM organisation, we can definitely help.

We’re on a mission to enable more healthy, happy, high performing
leadership confidence in the senior teams in STEM, pharma and biotech, using a coaching approach.

The Clearworks team specialises in working with senior leaders from the
STEM sector to build cultures that grow leadership confidence,
flexibility and courage; Enabling scientific and engineering leadership
teams to build their vision and engage talent.
– Working with lead teams to have the big, difficult conversations that
will raise performance across the organisation.
– Developing emerging leaders
– Creating high performing teams
– Changing behaviours and cultures
– Engaging top talent to stick around
– Building buy-in to the organisation’s mission
– Building the reputation of your organisation as places people want to
come to work
– Helping STEM organisations attract and retain more talent, to keep the
best people and impact the bottom-line quickly.
– Helping experts move from research and technical roles to a
commercial mindset more quickly.
– Enabling organisations to scale more smoothly by focusing on
behaviours and emotional intelligence
– Reduce churn and break down silos
– Save money by developing and keeping talent
– Helping technically smart and talented experts move up smoothly into
people leadership


Main Contact: Aly King-Smith

Address: Northampton


Tel: 07921640486


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