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Uk space agency technology programme

Back in 2020 – in association with the Open University – the STC unveiled its exclusive first foray into the UK Space Sector. The STC was very pleased to present key players who enlightened attendees as to the opportunities existing for advanced engineering companies to become part of the space industry’s supply chain, and for SMEs to collaborate in on-going programmes.

Lockhead Martin outlined their Space programmes and shared their ambitious growth plans to show how UK SMEs will be part of that journey, while the UK Space Agency explained how to get involved in cross-fertilisation of technologies and applications between industries.

All this, followed by the Director of Space Strategic Research funding at the Open University, outlining ways to partner and work with the university which is internationally recognised and a UK leader across a broad range of Space Science research. The university is well positioned to support businesses in the region.

It was hailed as an unrivalled look into a new sector, brimming with experts, strategic advice and business opportunities.

Building on this success, and on clear interest from all parties in exploring cross-over technologies and projects, mid-December 2022 saw the UK Space Agency (UKSA) announcing their £25,000 feasibility study, specifically for Silverstone Technology Cluster members.

Having held two workshops with STC members and companies active in developing technologies for space, UKSA’s Joshua Brayford (Space Standards & Technology Innovation) told the STC Annual Conference that his organisation had been impressed by the innovation it had seen among Cluster businesses.

Should they wish to, STC members will be able to submit proposals in collaboration with established space sector companies.

It is anticipated that consideration of the submissions should be carried out in early 2023 before confirming the successful bid for this study and allocating up to £25,000 of funding, with the winner then carrying out the work and reporting back to UKSA by mid-2023.

The UKSA confirmed that further to the STC member workshops from both industries at Silverstone Park and Harwell and following some fruitful discussions, it was concluded that motorsport and space have clear technology challenges, opportunities, risks, benefits, and cross-over.

The STC and UKSA are aiming to explore this further, to help grow and catalyse investment in both these sectors.

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