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Roger Atkins

Electric Vehicles Outlook

From electric guitars to electric cars I’ve been on a colourful journey! After a couple of decades singing the praises of combustion engines I changed my tune a decade ago to become an EV advocate. Musician turned business consultant – my ‘Electric Vehicles Outlook’ enterprise has been busy sharing an EV narrative on the LinkedIn platform – where I’ve now gathered over 275,000 followers for my regular blog spot. A trio of start-ups behind me – online car retailing at Virgincars, amphibious vehicles with Gibbs, and electric trucks at Modec – I’m now fully embracing the convergence of electric-connected-autonomous & shared vehicles…all increasingly powered up by renewable energy of course!

It used to be about connecting just the dots… But it will soon be about connecting everything, as we are on the cusp of a step change in how our world works. In relatively simple terms it’s about the switch from a linear to a circular economy, which means maximising both efficiency and utilisation – of almost everything around us. Then enabling people and capabilities are close to hand, and concurrent with my long running EV narrative, I am now working in and around the AI and IOT space as well.