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Garry Myatt

PP Control & Automation

Garry Myatt

An experienced Director of Sales having spent over 25 years in the electro-mechanical industry, working across multiple industries and applications. My ultimate responsibility is for delivering business growth. To do this successfully and consistently, I believe that exemplary skills in high-level negotiation, pipeline management, and creating and delivering on strategic business plans are key.

One of the most enjoyable things about my role is working in collaboration with excellent people and organisations and identifying areas of need and resolving with value added solutions. STC is a great example of this and not only being a member but holding a key position on the Industry Advisory Group supporting the Board and wider member network.

PPC&A is an award-winning outsourcing provider to some of the world’s most successful machinery builders and to retain relationships for as long as we do, we need to be laser-focused on our uppermost pledge: “making outsourcing easy”