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Eric Griess


I’m a human passionate about using my strengths to make a positive impact on any form of life – now and in the future. This philosophy has guided me from introducing innovative technology in combustion engines to my current role as Chief Engineer of Lunaz Applied Technologies, where we upcycle and re-engineer commercial vehicles with electric powertrains. Our passionate team aims to prove to the world that circular product design and accountability can work in the automotive industry.

The roots of my passion for sustainability go much deeper than my role: you’ll find me advocating for a more sustainable world at the office, on the factory floor, at the pub and everywhere in between. Circular product design, clean technology, anti-greenwashing, corporate responsibility, sustainable business models and polices are the pillars of my mission, and I thank the STC for giving me an opportunity to help contribute, discuss and illuminate how some of these pillars can be integrated into the future of mobility.