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Global F1 exhibition using STC member’s tech animations

Author: Silverstone Technology Cluster
Date: 5 May 2023

STC member Chris Beatty Design has played an integral role in a new global exhibition about Formula 1.

The 3D artist and design specialist provided state-of-the-art animation for The Formula 1 Exhibition which has opened in Madrid, Spain but is then set for a worldwide tour.

Using both Maya and Blender 3D animation software, Chris took eight months to produce six animations showing the internal workings of a Formula 1 car. 

These focused on:

·       Suspension (what happens during cornering and braking)

·       Power unit (showing internals of the engine plus energy recovery through turbocharging)

·       Aerodynamics: (how wings and the underbody generate downforce)

·       Gearbox (how a seamless gearshift works

·       Sensors (electronic control unit and wiring system)

·       Powertrain (MGU-H and MGU-K energy recovery systems)

Chris has previously helped design the American open-wheel formula Indycar’s current car and driver protection canopy.

“The Indycar project was the catalyst for this one,” said Chris. “I was commissioned by Jam Creative, the people behind the exhibition, and have ended up as part of a really exciting collaboration of people.

“In particular it’s been great to work with renowned F1 technical journalists such as Craig Scarborough and Indeterminate Design, who provided the CAD files for a working 3D-printed gearbox that he had developed.

“The animations which have been augmented with video have been endorsed by some of F1’s teams including McLaren, Williams, Mercedes and Alfa Romeo.”

He added: “There’s been good feedback, too, from senior figures in the sport such as F1 boss Stefano Domenicali, on how much they’ve enjoyed the animation.

“Interestingly, the exhibition talks to the casual visitor, not the technical expert. It gives them an overview of what is happening with the cars without them realising.”

“Above all, it’s been a fantastic opportunity to work with some leading experts in F1, whilst knowing that my work could be seen around the world by potentially hundreds of thousands of people and show the sport of Formula 1 in an entertaining way.”

By Carl McKellar

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