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John Moffat


Director and Founder


+44 (0) 7490 190029


We believe that all transport should be sustainable so that our civilisation reduces or eliminates its reliance on fossil fuels.  Our Mission is to enable all vehicle manufacturers, particularly those in niche markets, to access structural batteries to provide an energy source suitable for their product.

Our core values are Integrity, Honesty, and Collaboration.  We believe that working in partnership with others in an open and straightforward fashion is the best route to success.  We also believe that these values are well aligned with a strong Environmental, Social and Governance position, allowing us to be natural leaders in sustainable engineering, community involvement, compliance and risk management.

Our product is a Structural Battery, an energy source for electric vehicles, which is an integrated part of the structure of the vehicle, whether this is a car chassis, a boat hull, or an aeroplane wing.  Integrating in this fashion means that the manufacturer can design their vehicle with the customer-purpose in mind, removing the constraint of designing around an existing powertrain, whilst meeting increasingly stringent emissions legislation that their existing design approach with Internal Combustion Engines cannot achieve.  Our approach reduces complexity and weight, whilst improving available space and allowing more scope for aesthetic design.  The product is particularly appropriate for composite designs since it shares many features with traditional honeycomb panels.

We manufacture and license the manufacture of structural batteries.  Additional future business models include leasing manufacturing cells to manufacturers.


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