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Contact Name:

Jenner Collins


Operations Director


+44 (0)7971 809 064


We have an obsession with cars and engineering, that started in Australia over 30 years ago as two young brothers and a Pike’s Peak-style race car. Since then we’ve devoted every waking hour of our hobbies, education and working life to finding that next performance step. We’re always looking forwards, never satisfied. Standing still is to go backwards.

Twenty years’ experience, motorsport engineering qualifications and a unique approach to high performance vehicle engineering allow us to work at a higher level for longer: in the “risk zone”. Our years of insight will allow you to have the confidence to work in the “risk zone” for longer too. It won’t get easier, you’ll just go faster.

We support high performance vehicle engineering teams to find that next performance step and have worked on projects world-wide for VUHL Automotive, Manor Racing F1 and champions West Surrey Racing.

If last year’s performance was good enough, keep pushing! For everyone else, your next performance steps starts with a confidential, one-to-one call.

Vehicle focus:

o   Aerodynamics

o   Chassis

o   Powertrain

o   Trackside


Engineering focus:

o   Concept design

o   Reverse engineering

o   Research and development

o   Engineering design – mechanical, composite, hydraulic

o   Engineering simulation – mechanical, fluid, thermal

o   Lab and trackside physical testing

o   Software & firmware development

o   Technology developers

o   Electronics – research



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