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Strategic Growth Services


Strategic Growth Services (SGS) use strategy and market knowledge and analysis to drive growth plans for improved business performance.

We understand the company, its core competencies and its values, and through understanding markets, how they behave and are changing, especially in the sustainability, net zero, circular economies and ESG framework, build growth plans.

SGS can build sector, company, technology and customer engagement strategies.

SGS provides Environment/Social/Governance (ESG) assessment and program management tools and consulting. This ranges from early assessment to build action plans to launch ESG within an organization through to assessment of existing programs with action plans for improvement. We do this with our E-SGS program, using over 200 questions to establish an organisations ESG status and providing easy to interpret visual reporting, concise action plans and KPIs to measure progress to excellence.

SGS partnership companies provide cost effective digital solutions for procurement by SMEs, deep digital tools for cost analytics and cost reduction and efficiency savings, and customer relationship analytics that enable deeper understanding of client relationships and the client’s decision making processes to drive higher win rates.

Main Contact: Paul Minton

Address: 3 Yew Tree Gardens


Tel: (07779 101597)