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Mackart Additive


Mechanical Engineers of several decades with techniques and disciplines developed from working within the Aerospace Industry. Mackart Additive has received our AS9100 accreditation to validate our processes and controls that are evident in everything we do. Traceability and confidence from the start.

Mackart Additive has become experts, and uniquely experienced in mould tool design for CFRP production using additive manufacturing techniques. External hard tooling to extractable mandrels using the latest in digital production process and materials.

For products needing validation we also offer metrology and inspection.

All processes and operations are maintained in-house and are diligently controlled.

With our production capability including Stratasys Fortus 450mc along with many smaller format machines to complement the capability, we can be creative with our solutions not limited to one process or material.

We are constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of what we think can be done. Finding solutions to what seemed previously unachievable.

What game changer might we be able to offer your business?


Main Contact: Steven McCarthy

Address: Unit 209, Wolseley Court
Towers Business park
Wheelhouse Road
WS15 1UZ


Tel: 07342218619