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Gobby Limited


Gobby was established to challenge traditional online survey experiences and bland reports. As the name suggests, we’re interested in what people have to say as ‘subject matter experts’… those insights and descriptions of lived experience that can only be sought by those that know your business or organisation best.

Gobby surveys ask more open questions, and respondents provide the answer options for their peers to validate, supporting group intelligence and helping you get to the bottom of scenarios where ‘you don’t know what you don’t know!’

Co-create insights and innovation that are mutually beneficial, transparent, and more meaningful, resulting in collaborative decision-making, communication, trust, and respect.

So, if you’re as bored as we are with survey pre-set answer options and rating scales that provide little context in ‘what matters most’ to the people that are critical to your business or organisation, then talk to Gobby about your goals and aspirations and we’ll help you develop those all-important relationships.


Main Contact: Gary Beckwith

Address: 61A High Street South
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Tel: 01780769159