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Thermoforming specialists, Charpak Ltd, design and manufacture precision-engineered protective, returnable, recyclable and closed-loop packaging. Formed in 1986 the company’s cost-effective bespoke solutions protect high performance engineered, fragile, critical and sensitive parts from damage.

Offering the complete service from design, prototyping, CNC tool machining and full manufacture, Charpak packaging uses lightweight, durable, plastics manufactured from recycled material. Automotive sustainability targets are met through optimising raw material requirements.

Suitable for components from electronics to high-gloss trim, and bearings to battery modules the durable, lightweight packaging is designed and manufactured within the UK ensuring delivery is achieved for just-in-time and sequenced production.

Charpak packaging protects against corrosion, scratch and moisture damage.
Clever design and use of materials allows Charpak to hugely increase packaging efficiency. Often, the number of components per cubic metre is increased four-fold compared to conventional reusable packaging, optimising warehouse and lorry space requirements, adding even more value with the resultant cost efficiencies, decreasing CO2
Improving production energy usage and reducing transportation further minimises carbon footprint.

Compliant with ISO 9001:2015 and Grade AA BRC standards, Charpak’s products are all supplied to EU certified food-safe cleanliness levels. The company has over 30 years’ expertise manufacturing in the food and beverage, value-added packaging, transport and distribution, and healthcare industries.

Increased component protection can result in lower reject rates and reliability enhancement. The reliability improvements within the power electronics sector are particularly notable, resulting in greater vehicle reliability and reduced warranty claims. Also, picking of parts and traceability are improved, with resultant gains in production line and component assembly efficiency.


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