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Cawleys Lithium Battery Waste Services


Lithium Battery Recycling solutions is a new division under the Cawleys Group of companies dedicated to the collection and recycling of Lithium batteries, especially from mobility sources.

We have all licences and permissions in place to collect, treat and recycle LiBs with one of the UK’s first Mechanical Shredding lines which separates the materials inside a LiB for refining into new raw materials. Our future focus is dedicated to the development of a new value chain market for LiB materials to keep costs controlled and offer a truly circular economy solution with the opportunity to make new batteries from old materials.
Located in Luton, Bedfordshire, our pioneering treatment facility can effectively take waste lithium-ion batteries and mechanically separate them into a mixed recyclate flake that can be separated safely into individual waste streams. This ensures a high recycling rate as we can recover all of the battery solids that include anode copper, aluminium, case metals, plastic separator and black mass.

We can recover waste energy from the batteries at the discharge stage and this is harvested and used to power the equipment and external electric vehicle charge points. Being one of the first facilities of its kind the learning curve has been steep as we have employed new technology and process.
We have a broad experience with lithium batteries and have leading knowledge in how to deal with them from the collection stage to processing, in the best of conditions or the worst. We have helped our customer base manage difficult damaged defective batteries and can give advice and Risk mitigation services when dealing with critical ones. We have a Collection capability that covers the whole of the UK and Trans European logistics.


Main Contact: Alan Colledge

Address: 1
Covent Garden Close


Tel: 02080 907300