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Carnot Engines


We are a technology start-up seeking to tackle the trillion-dollar problem of decarbonising industry, transport and power by developing zero-emission ceramic combustion engines capable of accelerating the transition to net zero. We are focused on the hardest to abate sectors, including marine, HGVs and primary off-grid power for which batteries and fuel cells are unsuitable due to cost, size and weight and for which a zero-emission engine really is the best solution.

Our patented high temperature designs enable us to eliminate traditional engine cooling systems responsible for low efficiencies and corresponding high emissions while also offering the ability to operate on a wide range of fuels including net-zero and zero emission (hydrogen, ammonia, methanol, biofuels including waste to energy products and synthetic) as well as traditional carbon based fuels. Our modular designs enable cost effective retrofitting of any fuel storage and delivery system making our technology the powertrain of choice for the future, offering a low-cost, accelerated transition away from diesel-powered engines independent of the developing infrastructure.


Main Contact: Jeremy Howard-Knight

Address: 65 Alfred Road
Greater London
W2 5EU


Tel: 07855 345535