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CAE Tech Limited


CAE Tech’s SaaS platform, Infinitive, enables build-to-order and mass-customisable products to be efficiently designed, sold and manufactured, thanks to cloud technology, 3D and AI technologies.

Infinitive overcomes manufacturing limitations to help meet the demand for bespoke products in a sustainable way. Using the parameterised 3D CAD design as the single source of truth, it can encompass all possible variations of the product, so manufacturers can satisfy a greater range of customers.

* Communicating configurable and versioned product data to customers and supply chain partners

* Products are made when they are wanted, how they are wanted, and where they are wanted

CAE Tech has worked with customers in automotive, motorsport, construction, joinery, nuclear, shipbuilding and electronics; with customers in UK, USA, Europe and Asia.

Based in Leamington Spa, the company has been shortlisted for multiple awards for innovation.


Main Contact: Peter Harman

Address: 26 Hamilton Terrace
Leamington Spa
CV32 4LY


Tel: 07779 306689