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We are based on an ex US Airforce base, just outside of Oxford, called Heyford Park. A 24hr patrolled, secure and secluded location with no access to the public making it a perfect test facility, for developing our own and our customers prototypes before going to market.

We pride ourselves in our ability to create elegant, innovative and practical solutions. From traditional mould making and prototyping to 3D CAD modelling and 5-axis machined patterns. Prepreg to Resin infused preform composites, polished raw carbon to glossy lacquered cosmetic products.

Our capabilities have no limits and our creativity has no bounds. Challenge us! We have been using woven natural fibres, including hemp and flax, for over 10 years. During this time we have developed our processes and become the UK’s specialist in prepreg flax composites production. We offer low and medium volume production capabilities, and are developing our own proprietary high volume, low cost manufacturing process. The parts we produce range from FIA GT4 aero components to sustainable transport solutions like EAV.

BAMD’s Concept, Design and Engineering abilities push boundaries through our ingrained capacity for creative thinking. Our extensive engineering experience enables us to create elegant and innovative design solutions for all project briefs. Our design team are flexible in their approach, working in partnership with customers or with minimal customer input, they will identify the right technology, material and product solution for the end application. We utilise existing technologies as well as developing new innovative processes to deliver the ultimate solution for durability, performance and budget.

From product concept, design and stress analysis our knowledge and experience in mechanical design allows us to get from an idea to a production intent product in the most efficient time scale.


Main Contact: Sam Hudson

Address: 3140 Heyford Park
Camp Road
Upper Heyford
OX25 5HD


Tel: 01869 232843