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Welcome to the STC forum and message board!

We'll be using this area to share lots of useful information and resources with you, so do check back for regular updates on all kinds of topics.

To ensure the content we're sharing is of prime importance to you, we'll need your comments, feedback and suggestions. To get in touch, email your Moderator, Nina Walsh, here.

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    • Members Forum
      The Members Forum is where you can find and offer information and business services within the STC community - member to member. Introduce yourself and your business and get to know your Industry Advisory Group.
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    • Business Growth/Support
      This area is not about sales, but about sustainable growth, resilience in the marketplace and the management of change. The Business Agility & Transformation Group also resides here: debate and discussion welcome!
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    • Special Interest Groups
      The STC is big on catalysing connections and collaborations between the right people, and Special Interest Groups create themes which encourage those to flourish. Our four Special Interest Groups (SIGs) have been developed since the STC's inception to be both broad and deep enough in scope to encompass all our members' sectors and products.
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    • Sector Information and Resources
      The best, latest and most interesting news articles, announcements and discoveries, this area is home to a mine of regularly updated resources, tips and inspiration.
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