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Space Collaboration Workshop

Date: 26th April 2023
Location: The Wing at Silverstone

Member Exclusive

The Silverstone Technology Cluster has received high praise for a networking event which could help increase the UK’s space sector knowledge and rate of growth.

The event, entitled Space Collaboration Workshop, attracted major space organisations including the UK Space Agency (UKSA).

During a presentation, UKSA highlighted how the space sector is growing as well as technical challenges with which it requires assistance from innovative businesses such as those in the STC – particularly those with roots in motorsport.

Duly, STC business members were able to pitch their specialities and network freely with the senior space sector figures who represented technical, funding and policy.

Joshua Brayford, Agency Lead for Technology Innovation, UK Space Agency commented: “We’ve been working with the STC for about a year and we realise there is a lot of cross-over with the technologies in our sectors (space and motorsport).

“The networking session have been important – people have got up and about, they’ve met one other and I’ve seen plenty of business cards exchanged and hopefully we’ll see some new projects in the next 12 months.

“The STC is growing year on year and it’s great to see them branch out into other sectors. It’s great for UK Space Agency to collaborate with such an ambitious and innovative organisation.”

Alex Goodhand, Manufacturing Engineer, Satellite Applications Catapult added: “We were at this event to bring a viable manufacturing sector such as motorsport – which specialises in low volume, high-precision lightweighting with the use of exotic materials – into the space sector which requires exactly the same.

“We bring SMEs and unsung companies in the manufacturing industry into the space sector. I believe the people in the room at this event could contribute to the space industry and, if more events were held like this in the UK, then I also believe that space and manufacturing in the UK would be in a better place.”

And said Martin Lee, Procurement (TOPS), Defence & Space, Airbus: “It’s incumbent on us as the biggest space supplier in the UK to share our knowledge.

“This event has been an ideal opportunity for us to potential new space suppliers – particularly as we know it is a captive audience as the businesses present are interested in space.

“Some people here have already done some things in space. Some are thinking about it and those at the ‘thinking and doing’ stage need help, knowledge, to know who to go and talk to. If we can help point them in the right direction, then they and we have had a successful day.”

Have a look at some of the highlights from the event below:

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