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Make 2023 the year you show the world your organisation is environmentally and socially responsible

Author: CSR Accreditation
Date: 3 January 2023

CSR Accreditation

3rd January 2023

If you are struggling to navigate an increasingly complex sustainability landscape, we have the perfect solution…

A relevant and holistic framework that delivers an up to date standard for environmental and social responsibility. 

A framework that is supported by the CSR four pillars of environment, workplace, community and philanthropy.

A standard that states that Social Responsibility should be for every organisation.

Allowing you to enrich the quality of lives for all by investing in social value as an essential part of an organisation’s culture.

It provides purpose and impact and will ensure a sustainable and profitable business. It will help to build a better world for future generations by improving the environment and ensuring a cohesive community to live and work in. 

The great thing is you are probably doing a lot of positive things already reflected in the CSR four pillars. It’s amazing what we are already doing that we don’t talk about. CSR-A provides the perfect opportunity to tell your positive story…

Join a growing number of sustainability leaders by becoming CSR Accredited.
We are the only organisation delivering a global CSR Accreditation. The CSR Accreditation provides independent recognition of an organisation’s environmental and socially responsible activities.

Use your CSR Accreditation to address ESG Compliance, prepare for the race to Net Zero, build a culture that empowers employees to do environmental and social good, attract new talent, win tenders and improve brand reputation.

Register NOW:

The registration process is free to complete and provides you access to your essential CSR Accreditation Application guide and CSR Accreditation Application form. In under 10 weeks from your application submission date you could be a CSR Accredited organisation!

We also provide online and face to face CSR Training. The course aims to help organisations understand how they can create a CSR policy that supports environmental, workplace, community and philanthropic issues and how they can work in ways that deliver positive outcomes.

Plus we provide Social Impact Report Writing. Social impact reports (SIRs) are similar to (and often run alongside) an annual report. They show all your audiences and stakeholders the beneficial outcomes and future plans that your business is making through environmental, workplace, community and philanthropic commitments. Perfect for engaging with all stakeholders.

Start your CSR journey today. Register using the link above to find out more

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