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British business bank Access to finance series

2022 saw the launch of our Access to Finance programme in partnership with the British Business Bank.

Over the course of three separate events, expert speakers and panellists were able to shine a light on what is a complex funding landscape for today’s businesses.

Hosted throughout by Lewis Stringer (Senior Manager, UK Network – East & South-East Midlands, British Business Bank), STC members were helped to navigate towards identification of the most relevant sources of potential funding for them, and the advice and support required to access that funding.

Topics covered included debt and equity funding, investments, the importance of innovation funding and its links with both SMEs and established businesses, and the role of universities in that area.

Among many other prominent speakers and panellists, the British Business Bank, Innovate UK and the SEMLEP Growth Hub delivered in-depth presentations and shared useful insights into the various finance and support initiatives and programmes available.

During the Start Up to Scale Up workshop, two exclusive panel discussions targeted both start-ups and more established companies looking to scale up, prompting some great questions from the audience which were readily addressed by the expert panellists.

The high number of registrations to attend both in-person and on-line clearly demonstrated how much this type of event is valued. The speakers were all extremely insightful, providing a sound understanding of the options available, along with advice and valuable contacts on how to proceed. Quite aside from the ubiquitous advantages of having people together in a room to network, there was a wealth of positive feedback on the event as a whole.

Have a look at the below to get an impression of the latest event:

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For more information on our collaboration with British Business Bank, please contact Nina Walsh.