Workshop: The Sweetspot by Petra Coach Europe


26th November 2020

Book your place at the Sweetspot Workshop: ‘How to spend more time doing what you love, are great at and adds most value’ on Thursday 10 December at 9am, from Petra Coach Europe.

Great business leaders understand that at the heart of success lies a simple mindset – having disciplined focus on the few activities that we are good at, enjoy, and which add most value (our ’Sweetspot’), and the ruthless removal of everything else.

We know this, and yet still find it hard to do.

Are you bogged down by day to day life admin?

Research says that more than 50% of people say they are exhausted and overwhelmed. It may feel like you’re a hamster on a wheel and you’re trying to do more and to get it done faster. But what if you could find a way of becoming part of the 8% who by the end of 2021 could say they had achieved all they set out to – both in business and personally?

As we head into 2021, the Sweetspot team are offering workshops to help people find more time to do the things that they love, are great at and adds most value to their lives.

This workshop follows an exercise to take you through the Sweetspot process, and explore why we don’t do it more – what gets in the way?

Following a turbulent year, it’s more important than ever that we refocus on our goals and ambitions as we head into a new year.

Why should you attend?

Entrepreneurs regularly get a 100x ROI from this workshop, meaning that from 1 hour spent, they save >100 hours per month.

The exercise is also valuable to do with your team, so you can understand each team members’ Sweetspot, and improve their productivity. Teams that spend 1 hour on Sweetspot can get an immediate productivity improvement of at least 5-10% across the Company.

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