Workshop: Rockefeller Habits Checklist


24th August 2020

Please join us on Wednesday 9 September at 9am for the virtual “Rockefeller Habits Checklist workshop” from Petra Coach Europe, designed to help companies get back to growth and align their teams as we begin returning back to work and some form of ‘normality’ post lockdown.

What is the Rockefeller Habits Checklist?

David Ryan runs Xpertek Construction, a mid-sized construction company, based in Ottawa, Canada. In the past 4 years, David’s sales have grown 3x, and his profitability has grown by over 80%, which means he is a ‘Scale Up’ company (growing >20% for more than 3 years).

For David, this has come about through the deliberate application of a business system, called ’Scaling Up’, from the book of the same name, by Verne Harnish.

Once every quarter for the past 4 years, David and his team have committed themselves to improving one aspect of how their business is run, based on a simple checklist, called ’The Rockefeller Habits Checklist’.

The checklist allows David and his team to score themselves on how well they’re running the company – the ‘operating system’ of the business – and to work on improving each component, one at a time.

What’s in it for me?

This workshop, hosted by Petra Coach Europe Coaches Andy Clayton and Antony Enright, will give you the opportunity to run this diagnosis and, most importantly, identify what you can work on next with the team to improve the management and performance of your business.

The Rockefeller Habits Checklist is an ideal diagnostic tool to understand how good is your company’s ‘operating system’, essentially – how well-run is your company?

Andy will share more of the story of David Ryan, and how he used this tool to improve the bottom-line profitability of the company by over 80%. You’ll see for yourself why Petra Coach is the best methodology in the world for implementing the Rockefeller Habits, allowing companies to achieve; Number one in chosen market / niche, 20% net profit margin and Founder free to focus on vision (be it personal or for the organisation).

Who should attend?

If you’re an executive director, then this workshop is for you and your team.

Book your free place

The standard price per participant is £350, however, during the coronavirus lockdown period, Petra Coach are offering this event free of charge.

You will come away from the workshop with clear, actionable tasks for improving your business.

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