Woodfines Podcasts – Covid-19 updates

Woodfines Solicitors

16th April 2020

Check out our series of podcasts on our dedicated page featuring updates in all sectors relating to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

In our first episode we look at how Covid-19 is affecting employment, commercial contracts and updates to commercial landlords and tenants.

In our second episode we look at how the pandemic is affecting child arrangements and the problems faced by buyers and sellers in the housing market. 

And in our third episode we look at how mergers and acquisitions are being affected by the lockdown. Plus with more people setting up and ensuring their wills are up to date, we advise on how to go about this in the current climate.

Our next episode is due to go live very shortly which will feature advice on MOT’s, car tax and road safety, along with the latest furlough leave update.

You can find all the podcasts here

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