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7th June 2021


Need a space away from your workplace to speak with like-minded others?


What are you waiting for?


Every role in a Manufacturing Business plays a vital part – whether you’re in Sales or on the floor we’d love to hear from you!

Join a FREE Weekly What’sup Session – a space to wind down, discuss your previous weeks with like-minded others, gain feedback or ask a work related question.. the floor is yours! 


Made for Manufacturers ðŸ­

Engineers and Construction Industries…

Each week is completely different, our attendees always take something away from Weekly What’sup! Topics which have been mentioned so far:

– Brexit and international trade challenges

– Businesses handling COVID guidelines in regards to staff, H&S and mental wellbeing

– New business questions including audits, project management systems, quality management and more

– Business grants and support

– Apprenticeships, Staffing and EngagementProcess Improvements and Technical Questions


Weekly Wednesdays @ 12.09 – 51 mins





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