Webinar: Cost of living – Licence audit tools


6th September 2022

You are invited to an upcoming Symetri webinar as it might be something of real value to the entire network considering current events and other STC events as of late.

As you know across all territories Symetri is one of the biggest consultancies specialising in engineering software and services in the world.  As a result, we have extremely good visibility of how companies use their licences; uptime, downtime, and which licences are used when, where and how to better understand utilisation.  We regularly see some of the largest oil and gas, automotive and architectural customers with full-time IT divisions paying for a huge number of underused licences, or renewing design/engineering software with no awareness of what line items are actually still providing them value.

To avoid this problem for our customers, Symetri created a product called CQ Flexmon to support IT teams (and companies without a dedicated IT team) and FDs in their audits to help them understand their licence estate.  Armed with this information sometimes this means customers will reduce their order size from their vendors (including ourselves), other times it indicates to a client they are approaching capacity and should consider increasing their licences be that Autodesk, Dassault, PTC, Siemens, Adobe or pretty much anything.  The most important thing is our tools enable data-driven decisions.

Working within the Buildings & Infrastructure & Product Design & Lifecycle industries, it’s likely that you’ll have accumulated licences for several different platforms. Whether it’s to help you collaborate internally/externally, speed up/enhance some of your everyday tasks, or a requirement of a particular project. Coupled with the hybrid way of working today, you might have one software licence installed on a particular desktop workstation in the office, but another on a laptop at home.

How do you keep track of what licences are installed and where? Do you know which point products are being used within a suite or bundle of products? What happens when you don’t need to use a particular software product for a certain period, or only need it for a specific project? 

Introducing CQFlexMon, our software licence monitoring solution which helps monitor and analyse your software licence usage to ensure you have the right quantity for your current needs and into the future.

Join our webinar on 22nd September to learn how CQFlexMon:

  • Provides a quick & easy overview of your licence portfolio
  • Enables a clear view of who is using each licence and where they are installed
  • Verifies the utilisation rate of each asset to ensure the optimal distribution of available licences within your company and avoid unnecessary expenditure
  • Helps ensure that the installed software meets the producer’s licensing term


Event Details:
Date: Thursday 22nd September
Time: 12pm – 1pm
Location: Go To Webinar

The link to the webinar at 12 pm on 22nd Sept can be found here:  https://www.symetri.co.uk/news-events/events/cqflexmon-webinar


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