UK Space Agency announces £25,000 feasibility study for STC members

Silverstone Technology Cluster

14th December 2022

The UK Space Agency (UKSA) has announced a feasibility study for Silverstone Technology Cluster members with up to £25,000 of funding going to the most successful bid.

UKSA’s Joshua Brayford (Space Standards & Technology Innovation) told the STC Annual Conference’s audience that his organisation had been impressed by the innovation it had seen among Cluster businesses.

Now UKSA is putting together final details of a feasibility study for STC businesses – focusing chiefly on advanced materials and additive manufacturing – before inviting submissions.

STC members will be able to submit proposals in collaboration with established space sector companies if they choose to…

Joshua said: “In collaboration with the STC, we have been exploring cross-over technology and potential projects.

“We held two workshops with members of both industries at Silverstone Park and Harwell and, after some fruitful discussions, we concluded that motorsport and space have clear technology challenges, opportunities, risks and benefits, and cross-over.

“The STC and UKSA want to explore this further, to help grow and catalyse investment in both these sectors.”

Specifically, the thinking and work ethic of businesses innovating or with backgrounds in motorsport has stood out for UKSA.

The organisation is aiming to make the UK a leader in bringing the benefits of low-cost access to space, new innovative and less expensive ways of building satellites, and in the power of ‘in-orbit servicing and manufacturing’ to the economy, societal gain and science.

Joshua added: “In the next month, UKSA will finalise the details of the feasibility study and begin inviting submissions from STC members.

“We anticipate a couple of months (January-February) to consider the submissions before confirming the successful bid for this study and allocating the £25,000 of funding, with them then carrying out the work and reporting back to UKSA by mid-2023.”

STC CEO Pim van Baarsen commented: “It’s been great developing our collaborative relationship with UKSA and we’re delighted to hear UKSA now announce this funding programme for our members to take part in.

“The space sector is clearly growing in the UK and this is an opportunity for members – whether they are the winning bidder or not – to establish their own contacts with key UKSA people.”


By Carl McKellar

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