The Power of the Herd

Longhurst Limited

3rd April 2020

One of the main things we consider when investing our clients hard-earned capital is the amount of risk, or volatility, they can emotionally handle.

At Longhurst, we build investment portfolios designed to serve your financial plan.

These portfolios will provide you with the greatest opportunity to achieve and maintain financial independence; retain comfort and dignity during retirement; and with hope, leave a meaningful legacy behind for your loved ones.

However, during times like COVID-19, you’ll be tested, and when you are here is how we’ll counsel you:


  • At Longhurst we will always stand in fierce and firm opposition to market consensus;
  • We will always stand by our principle of maintaining focus on the financial plan rather than reacting to market noise;
  • You can have confidence that we will always stand by you, even when you may be thinking of following the herd;
  • We will always advise you, no matter what, if you are trying to find false comfort in doing what everyone else is doing;
  • We will always provide passionate and resounding reassurance that the path we’re walking together is the right path, so that the temptation of herding, and the fear of regret, will soon wash away;
  • During these moments we will show our value to you as your lifestyle financial planner;
  • Together, we will ignore the noise of the financial press.


Remembering, we’re in this together, not alone.

Let’s be honest; employing a new professional adviser can be fairly daunting, and that includes hiring a new financial planner.

For this reason we are big fans of hosting what we call an initial discovery meeting, always held at our expense. This meeting will typically involve no paperwork whatsoever, and will instead see us spend a good hour+ just talking, and we mean just talking.

By the end of our discovery meeting we’ll understand a little more about you, and you about us. You’ll understand how we work, our processes, the likely fees, and why so many clients choose to engage in our services.

No selling, no products, no commitment. Then, if we both like each other and want to move an advisory relationship forward we can do so.

If you’d like to have a virtual cup of coffee just let us know.


Chris Broome FPFS

Chartered Financial Planner

T: 01327 223243



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