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Andy Long

DaniHar Technology Ltd

Andy Long is a founder and Managing Director of DaniHar Technology Ltd.

DaniHar Technology offers an industry agnostic range of development disciplines from electronic design and prototyping, to multiple software technologies including embedded architectures.

Andy is passionate about engineering and known for his pragmatic and commercial approach to providing technology solutions.

Andy’s engineering career spanned over twenty years and ranged from electronics, automation and robotic systems through to various software technologies (recognised by Microsoft as a certified professional), including software safety. Between the engineering roles within large OEM companies, he undertook a UK Sales and Applications Manager’s position for an established German company, building a new UK division from zero to significant turnover within 3 years. It was the commercial experience of running a UK subsidiary which allowed him to successfully pursue his dream of creating his own company some years later.

DaniHar Technology recognises the importance of collaboration, so much so, that this is one of our core values as a business, which has helped us grow to date. With technology so vast and fast paced, collaboration is key to delivering optimum results and competitive advantage for our clients.

Most recently DaniHar Technology introduced the exciting new offering ‘Develop Your Tech’, a brand providing a unique, guided product development experience for businesses outside the technology sector.

Andy also sits on the STC Industry Advisory Group.