Supporting charities – is this a business benefit or a cost FREE Webinar 26th June 11am

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19th June 2020


Supporting charities – is this a business benefit or a cost

Free Webinar 26th June 11am.

This webinar will look at the positive impact to society that social responsibility has in supporting the third sector. It also explores the financial and social value

There is a very long tradition of businesses donating money, goods or staff time to charitable causes, all of which falls under the umbrella of philanthropy. It’s becoming increasingly popular for businesses to support charities, whether that is through donating money, fundraising or volunteering. This is with good reason as not only does charity work allow you to help those around you but it can also benefit your business greatly.

What will be covered?

  • Positive storytelling and storydoing
  • Corporate partnerships
  • Emotional investment – Involving staff – enriching the quality of our lives 
  • Do the projects you support provide Impact reporting on your involvement?
  • Investing in social value and a legacy for good.

This webinar forms part of  ‘The future shape of business – how social responsibility will influence it’ series of online events.

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