Road to Zero Insights Shared at Future Mobility SIG Event

Silverstone Technology Cluster

17th September 2021

On Thursday 9th September, attendees were treated to some great insights in enabling solutions for the sustainability and environmental challenges in different sectors, during the Road to Zero event from the STC’s Future Mobility Special Interest Group. The event was supported by MPA.

The first presentation was by Ross Wombwell, from British Marine who shared insights into some of the technologies the marine sector is developing on their ‘Road to Zero’.

Dr Alistair Barnes, from Innovate UK, explained how they are involved in pursuing the ‘road to zero’ and highlighted funding opportunities for supporting net zero technology developments. Through the discussion after the presentation, insights into the progress towards zero emissions in the automotive ‘innovation ecosystem’ were outlined with potential opportunities highlighted of how you can get involved going forward.

Laurence Bradbury, from Auream Energy, shared his expertise on developments in renewable energy sources at home for EV vehicles and insights from the likes of Tesla in developing a greener charging infrastructure. He further highlighted the developments in technology, changes in demand and looked at issues around the reality of accessibility.

Last, but not least, Philip Wylie, from Magma International discussed how to position products and get in front of major OEM’s, having had involvement with Net Zero specialists as well as battery, audio, range estimation and autonomous driving technologies in the past. He also provided support on pricing strategies that are attractive for OEM’s and suppliers and talked about valuable tips on how to avoid the traps of price downs that some customers may push for.

The session was chaired by Cristiana Pace, one of the Future Mobility Special Interest Group champions, who commented; “This was a really good event, with great engagement from the audience. We got to some great insights and discussions, so it was a very valuable and enjoyable event to be part of. The Silverstone Technology Cluster does a great job in bringing like-minded business leaders together to discuss the pertinent issues and it’s really good to see that happening.”

The recording of this event is now available on our STC Youtube channel.

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