Restart and right-size your aerospace operations

Restart and right-size your aerospace operations

11th June 2020

Webinar – Thursday 25th June at 10.00

Join us to learn more about how COVID-19 is impacting the aerospace industry in Europe and discuss solutions to maintain your profitability while production rates are being reduced.

Given the challenging market situation for the aerospace manufacturing and MRO industry in EMEA, our experts will investigate the best strategies for the sector to achieve ‘more with less’.

Through several aerostructure and aero-engine manufacturing use cases, we will investigate pragmatic and cost-efficient metrology solutions to help manufacturers anticipate and avoid production bottlenecks, reduce the number of scrapped parts, and increase quality and productivity.

Discover smarter aero-structure, rib, spar, blade and casing inspection solutions as well as predictive fuselage assembly techniques that you can leverage to right-size your production efficiency, flexibility and safety – including the newly-implemented hygiene and sanitary conditions.

The webinar will be organised into three sections, as well as featuring a live survey and comments:

  1. How COVID-19 is impacting the aerospace industry and bringing new manufacturing challenges
  2. Cost-efficient and pragmatic metrology solutions from 3D scanning to in-process measurement
  3. Digital thread case studies combining simulation, automation and non-contact inspection with advanced data analytics (wing ribs, spars, blades, casings inspection and predictive fuselage assembly).

Join this webcast to:

  • Understand how COVID-19 is affecting the aerospace industry in EMEA
  • Contribute to a live survey and discussions to have your specific questions answered
  • Learn how Hexagon can help overcome some of these challenges
  • View case studies using the latest metrology automation and digitalisation solutions

Who should attend?

Quality and metrology users and managers as well as production managers who would like to understand more about how COVID-19 will impact their operations as well as how Hexagon can help optimise their processes in the short term.


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